How to elicit NON-BORING content on Video.

Start by hiring the RIGHT storyteller

When you speak on video, do people listen? Are you just phoning it in?

Are you…B O R I N G?

Is this preventing you from seeking a higher level at your organization?

Here’s a clue: If you’re showing up to “get it over with” then you are operating in the safe zone, the “I’ll do the bare minimum” zone, not the “create change” zone.

Don’t beat yourself up. Its not entirely your fault. You didn’t go to college for this, and chances are your organization doesn’t have an up-leveling program for you to tap into.

Why is it that companies expect their people to be epic “brand ambassadors” and creative storytellers without providing the tools, training, and accountability to produce meaningful, memorable, confident brand representatives?

Enhancing your professional presence, communication, and storytelling on video is an essential skill that I’ve been administering to all of my interviewees throughout the decades.

Most of the time, it has occurred “in the moment” during the course of a video interview. The way a producer approaches an interview, by setting the tone, can be paramount to the comfort level and ultimate success of that interview.

Listening intently, probing, and reassuring the subject is also important to elicit authentic responses. I like to think of my job as a professional “Goose Bump” hunter. When I feel it, I know I’m onto something meaningful.How do I create goose bump moments as a producer and an authenticity advocate? I make it easy for the participant.

  • ✅ I am Curious.
  • ✅ I care more about their Comfort, not MY intelligence.
  • ✅ I am Courageous. I go deeper with my questions.
  • ✅ I show up with authentic not artificial Confidence.
  • ✅ I have Compassion.
  • ✅ I am an Olympic listener. 👂
  • ✅ I strive to hear the sound bite that will answer the question, “Why should I care.”

This is what Headline Productions, ❤️ now in year 28, prides itself on doing.

For Every. Single. Story. That’s how you produce meaningful NON-BORING authentic content. Could your content use resuscitation? Reach out to get clarity on your next video project:

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