A refugee, a chef, and a vision of Hope. Meet Joshua

 What can I say about Joshua?  I’ve been exposed to a lot of trauma in my news reporting. Kind of hard to avoid with my background in crime reporting.  My first TV story in Wilmington, NC  was covering a capital murder crime. Talk about getting thrown into the fire as a rookie reporter. It was from that experience on that I began to develop somewhat of a callused empathy for people.  Unable to fully digest the pain of others, I moved from story to story, whittling away layers of humanity in the process. Once I left the news business, it took years to rebuild those empathetic muscles that had atrophied through each breaking news story.  When I sat down to learn about Joshua’s story however, something shifted. Joshua’s story keeps evolving. 

Malala.  (Yes, the Malala!)

I’ve sat across from presidents and celebrities, but this was different.  This was Malala. This was the girl that endured an assassination attempt. This was the girl that put her life on the line to stand up to the Taliban.  This was the youngest person ever to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. I was probably being over polite when I introduced myself. There was some awkward silence. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be treated like a saint, or a twenty something. She wasn’t a holy figure but she did have that Mother Theresa aura about her. I never assume anything when I sit down with anyone to do an interview.  I always air on the side of extreme politeness.  She couldn’t have been more humble.

There was excitement on that day. Malala was being named the Godmother of the newly anointed Celebrity Cruises Edge Ship, a modern marvel.  Here is that story I produced  (in conjunction with Essex, CT based agency, OverAbove.

Florence Griswold Museum

What really happens at a museum behind the scenes? How are original items located? How does the staff at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut reconstruct the grounds, the museum and help piece together the rich stories of this historic art colony? Find out all this and more as you join Pat Lore, as she goes on location for Seasons Magazines Up Close.

World Premiere of Cancer? Seriously? at the Madison Art Cinemas

Directed & Produced by Pat Lore

Written & Produced by Melissa Burns

Edited & Produced by Ryan Darst

Madison, CT– Thursday evening, in front of a packed theatre filled with doctors, survivors, and long-time supporters, we debuted our feature film, Cancer? Seriously?  The film follows the lives of 6 women from Connecticut who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It explores the aftermath of breast cancer, which can be the most difficult part of the journey. This is an honest, uplifting and heartbreaking film. We are trying to get into several film festivals at the moment. Please help us spread the word this powerful film.  Please take a few minutes to view our trailer.  Http://cancerseriously.strikingly.com

To donate money so that we can travel to more film festivals:  gofundme.com/cancerseriously

Cancer?Seriously? Producer & Director Pat Lore featured on “Just Sayin” talk show

Pat Lore, Director & Producer of the Breast Cancer Documentary, Cancer? Seriously? was featured this month on the Branford, CT series ‘Just Sayin’. Click the link to see the segment.   https://vimeo.com/142305700#t=10m34sec

We are currently looking to distribute our feature length documentary, which follows the lives of six Connecticut women who are battling breast cancer. Contact pat@headlineproductions.com for more information.

Cue the eye candy please!

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in the corporate cubicle. Not as an employee, but as a video producer.  I’m way too impulsive to sit still.  I need to keep moving. Don’t get me wrong. I deal with boring (not PC I know) quite a bit. In fact, you might even say, I specialize in it.  Need me to do  a story on internet telephony?  I’m on it.  I’ll tackle that data center. I’ll transform it into a field of sexy racks with pulsating green lights.  Okay, I’m exaggerating.  I mean, does anyone really get that excited about a data center?  I actually do.  You see, I’ve learned to visualize many topics in my day . I crave the challenge of bringing non-visual topics to life. I want to make you care about internet telephony.  So what happens when a fundamentally visual story comes my way?  The drooling begins.  This  was the case when  How 2 Design approached Headline Productions (https://headlineproductions.com) to tell the story of 85wishes.org.  We had a short timeframe. Turned this one around quickly.  There were no cubicles.  No blinking lights.  Just the neurons in my brain rapidly firing.